What do you hope to achieve by boycotting palm oil?


Posted 08/04/2019

We have written this post as a follow up to our original post back in January about palm oil.
What outcome do you expect to achieve by boycotting palm oil? This is a serious question that we ask everyone that keeps posting about how palm oil is evil. We have done extensive research into palm oil and there is most certainly one thing that we know to be fact when it comes to palm oil. If everyone stopped buying palm oil, as some people suggest, the farmland that is used for growing palm oil will NOT be turned back into rainforest. Wouldn’t that be nice if it did, but think about it, it is just not going to happen. That is the reality.
What would happen if everyone stopped buying palm oil? The most likely scenario would be that the farmers wold simply plant another crop. And other types of crops that are used for plant based oils are all less environmentally friendly as the oil palm tree. Palm oil is so widely used because it has a higher yield per hectare of land than other comparable vegetable oil sources, such as soy, canola, rapeseed and sunflower. In some cases, such as with soy, Palm oil yields 10 times the amount of product for each hectare of land compared to soy. Oil palm trees also require significantly less water than other comparable crops. If farmers stopped planting oil palm trees, and started planting other types of crops, the most likely scenario would be that even more rainforest would be cleared to make up for the lower yield rates of other types of crops.
But doesn’t land clearing of rainforest areas contribute to the decline of Orang-utans and other vulnerable species? Yes, of course it does. Which is why instead of boycotting palm oil, which as we have stated above will not solve anything, we recommend buying products that use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. You can read our previous post about RSPO certified palm oil in the link below.
Palm oil is vegan, it is not up to individual people to decide if palm oil is vegan or not. You can decide if you want to purchase products that contain palm oil or not, but the fact is, PALM OIL IS VEGAN. It does not contain any animal derived ingredients and does not require the direct use of animals to grow and harvest. Even the Vegan Society, who’s founder actually coined the term “vegan”, agree that palm oil is vegan. We would politely ask people to stop hijacking Facebook posts where people ask if a product is vegan with comments about how it contains palm oil, so it is not vegan.
By boycotting palm oil, you are quite possibly making the situation worse for those very Orang-utans and other vulnerable species that you are trying to save.
By ensuring that you only purchase products that use truly sustainable palm oil, you are actually helping those vulnerable species a lot more than those that boycott it.
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