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What is vegan?

Simply put, vegan means abstaining from the use of all animal products.

What type of vegan are you?

Food wise, we are 100% strictly vegan. We are also 100% strictly vegan when it comes to clothing and household items. In fact, the only non vegan things we own are our cars. We would love to have vegan cars as well, but it is quite hard to find a new car that does not have some form of leather. Even cheap new cars come with leather steering wheels these days.

How long have you been vegan?

We have both been vegan since 2014. Ken was a vegetarian since 2009 before becoming vegan in 2014 and Shanna became vegan in 2014 after meeting Ken.

How current is the information on your website?

All information on our website is current as of 14 December 2018. We regularly check to ensure that all information is current, as we have found that a lot of websites have outdated information, especially in regards to vegan options for dining, as restaurants and cafes regularly close and new ones open up all the time. If you come across any information on or website that you believe is out of date, please let us know, so that we can update our information.

Is it healthy to eat a vegan only diet?

Yes it is! We are not medical doctors, so we cannot offer specific advise, but below are a few links to help you decide if a strictly vegan diet will work for you.
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Health effects of vegan diets
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Do you receive any financial or other compensation for listing businesses or products on your apps or website?

No, we do not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise from any businesses, websites or restaurants that we have listed on our website or apps.