Frequently Asked Questions
What is the current version of the app?
The current version of the app is 2.9 for iOS and 1.6 for Android
How many ingredients and additives do you have listed in the app?
Our database currently has just over 2,000 ingredients listed as of 18 June 2019 and we are adding more ingredients regularly.
How accurate is the data in the app?
We carefully research every ingredient and additive in our database to ensure accuracy. We are human though, so if you think you have found an error, please contact us so we can look at updating our database if needed.
I have the Fussy Vegan Scanner app, why do I need this app?
This app compliments our Fussy Vegan Scanner app, by allowing you to search for a particular ingredient, rather than a product. It also provides additional information about ingredients.
How do you determine the vegan status of an ingredient or additive?
When we first started developing this app, we thought that this was an easy answer. What we have learnt is that the answer to what is considered vegan is far more complicated. We have seen a lot of different interpretations as to what some consider to be vegan. We have also learnt that regardless of what definition we go with, it will be met with both agreement and disagreement.
Fussy Vegan Ingredient Guide app
1. The ingredient or additive contains no animal derived components. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. If it has any form of animal derived component in it, the ingredient or additive is not vegan.
Fussy Vegan Ingredient Guide  app
We will use this status for any or all of the following scenarios:
1. We have not yet been able to verify the vegan status of the ingredient or additive.
2. Other instances where we are not comfortable in putting the status as either vegan or not vegan.
Fussy Vegan Ingredient Guide  app
1. The ingredient or additive contains any animal derived components, regardless of the amount.
2. Other factors that we have determined warrant a NOT VEGAN status for the ingredient or additive.
Remember, that we always list an explanation along with the vegan status as to why we consider that ingredient or additive a particular status. Some app users will be happy to go on our recommendation as to whether an ingredient is vegan or not and that is great. Other app users may choose to make their own determination based on the information we have provided, and that is fine too. Remember our app is a guide and not the law. Each app user can make their own decisions on how to interpret the information in our app to suite their own ethical beliefs.
What is your stance on palm oil?
As palm oil itself is considered vegan, we do not take into account palm oil when determining the vegan status of an ingredient or additive. However, we do understand that some people may have issues with palm oil due to environmental and ethical factors. We do support the use of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and we have done a blog post which details our views on palm oil.


Please find a description of each section of the Fussy Vegan Scanner app below. Any features that are only applicable to a particular version (iOS or Android) will be stated for each section. Please read through this page before emailing any support requests to us to see if we have already covered your enquiry below. If your enquiry is not covered by the information on this page, please email us or iMessage us (iOS version only) and we will respond to your request, usually within a few hours.
* Please note that the screenshot examples shown here are from the iOS version. The functions are identical in the Android version of the app unless otherwise stated. Depending upon your Android device, the screenshots shown here may not match identically to the app screens on your device.
The app opens directly to search page. Enter the name of the ingredient or additive (or additive number) in the search bar and press search.
The app will then bring up a list of ingredients that match your search. Tap on any of the results to see the information regarding that ingredient.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app Fussy Vegan Scanner app
The details page will display relevant information about the product to enable you to make an informed decision in regards to purchasing or consuming a product with that ingredient or additive in it.
You can also save the ingredient or additive to your favorites list by tapping the green star at the top right of the screen.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
You can view all of the ingredient or additives that you have saved to your favorites list here. You can delete any items from your favorites list by tapping the edit button or by left swiping an entry.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
More Options
Tap on the three dots to view more options:
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
The About page shows information about the app, including the version of the app.
App Support
Brings you directly to this app support page.
Brings you directly to our Blog page.
Privacy Policy
Brings you to our privacy policy on our website.
Additional Features (iOS Version only)
You can capture a screenshot directly from within the app by simply tapping on the camera icon. The camera icon can be found in the top right corner, as per the below image.
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