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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the current version of the app?
The current version of the app is 1.1 for iOS and 1.0 for Android.
How many products do you have listed in the app?
Our database currently has just over 8,000 products as of 14.11.2018 and we are continuing to add between 100-500 products per day.
How accurate is the data in the app?
We carefully research every ingredient in all of the products in our database to ensure accuracy. We are human though, so if you think you have found an error, please contact us so we can look at updating our database if needed.
What countries will the app scan products from?
At present, our app will scan products available for sale in Australia. We will be expanding the app in the future to include products sold in other countries, but we want to ensure that we build up the database for Australia first.
Is there an Android version of the app?
Yes, the Android version was released on 03.11.2018
What is the Vegan Status for a product mean?
VEGAN - The product contains no animal ingredients. We do not take into account other ethical factors such as whether palm oil is used in the product.
CAUTION - The product contains an ingredient that can be made from both animal and non animal sources. We have not been able to confirm which version is used in the product.
NOT VEGAN - The product contains at least one ingredient that is animal sourced. This includes ingredients such as honey and insects.


Please find a description of each section of the Fussy Vegan Scanner app below. Please read through this page before emailing any support requests to us to see if we have already covered your enquiry below. If your enquiry is not covered by the information on this page, please email us and we will respond to your request, usually within 24 hours.
The app opens directly to the scan page by default. You can scan a barcode by simply aiming the yellow scan box over a barcode. If the app scans a barcode that is in our database, the search results should show the matching product. Tap on the product name to got to the product details page. If the barcode scanned is not in our database, the search results will show zero results. If this occurs, you can try to scan the barcode again, in case the scanner did not read the barcode properly on the first scan. If there are no results shown after scanning a second time, then the product is not currently in our database.
We add new products to the app database daily. If we do not have the product you are scanning in our database, we will most likely have it added soon.
You can also try manually searching for the product by entering the product name in the search bar. We may have the same product in a different size in our database, and you may be able to check the vegan status using this method.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
Product Details
The product details page will display the following information:
Product Name The product name will be seen in bold capital letters. You can confirm that the product you scanned is the same product that you are viewing on the app.
Product Code the barcode for the product that you have scanned. As with the product name, you can confirm that the product you scanned is the same product you are viewing on the app.
Vegan Status: Displays the vegan status of the product that was scanned.
Explanation: Displays an explanation as to the vegan status of the product.
Manufacturer Website: Displays an explanation as to the vegan status of the product.
You can also save the product to your favorites list by tapping the green star at the top right of the screen.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
You can also manually search for products by entering either the barcode or the name of the product in the search bar. The app will then provide a list of products that match.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
You can view all of the products that you have saved to your favorites list here. You can delete any products from your favorites list by tapping the edit button or by left swiping an entry.
ussy Vegan Scanner app
The Home page shows all categories of vegan food to choose from, as well as showing a slideshow at the top of the page of vegan food businesses near your location currently offering discounts or promotions to our app users.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
The About page shows information about the app, including the version of the app.
Rate App
Brings you directly to the app store to leave a rating and or review of our app.
On the top right of the Details page, you will see a heart with a plus sign in it. Tapping this button will save the business you are viewing to your favorites list. You can remove any business from your favorites simply by pressing the heart button again.
Contact Us
Opens your default email service to send us an email.
The Fussy Vegan Website
Opens Safari and brings you directly to our website.
Fussy Vegan Scanner app
Fussy Vegan Scanner app